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Gober is a support service for service providers, such as taxi companies, transport cooperatives, schools, businesses provide support services at home... in order to provide services for people with the following criteria: quickly - the best price - trust. Gober only 1 application on smart phone provides many useful services for the life and work of people like to move by taxi cheap, reliable, secure; Shuttle bus service helps parents, administrators of the school tracking easier; Help services, child care, patient care, support software, fix electricity - water - air conditioning ... All services are provided by entities and individuals with experience and prestige to help you always know in advance the price of the service, support service compares prices from suppliers, to monitor and rate the process of service.
Gober services provided by Safe Cert Corporation - The IT service provider reputation over the years has had more than 20,000 customers are organizations / companies are using our services.

Gober services


Easy call the taxi cars that have legally registered. Compare services price, star rating of different companies to choose according to your liking. Move anywhere with G-Taxi, an application utility in Gober, supports electronic invoice on Gober application.

G-School Bus

Monitoring functions shuttle service to your children. Knowing the car is coming station, pick up the children, to school yet ... information to the driver does not need to pick up your child, communication with teachers on the bus shuttle. Support services connected information of each your children moves on to help the school bus, parents, driving safely - transparency, compliance with its responsibilities.

G-Home Service

You need the services at home, such as: software support, software installation, help with housework, child care, patient care, laundry, electrical repair, plumbing repair, air conditioning repair... The services provided here are authentic is a provider of professional services and experienced, you always know in advance the price of services, please choose reputable suppliers and prices best for you.


You need easy cargo? This is a service to help you select the appropriate carrier, you can manage the delivery process with full information about the driver, license plate, the routes and tracks clear trip information at all different times.
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Are you a professional service provider in the sector: taxis, freight, transfer students, services at home, maid service - patient care, electrical repair services - water - air conditioning ... Let's become partners with Gober to jointly develop your business according to professional criteria - savings - increase sales.

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Tel: 028-6682-3732

Email: info@SAFECert.com.vn

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